Why You Need To Start Recording Your Workouts

Recording yourself working out can be seen as a pretty narcissistic move but just like working out in the mirror it does have its benefits other than just checking yourself out at every rep during your workout. We always encourage our clients to work out in front of a mirror as it is the only way you can tell if you are doing the exercise right. Some times you will think you are doing it right and then look in the mirror and realise you were not, then you fix your form and you have to drop the weight because when doing the exercise with correct form it is much harder. Anyone can bluff their way through reps with bad form using heavy weight.

In fact this is one thing for another post that I would like to touch on. I used to struggle through reps just so I could use heavy weight and whilst I did make progress it was only until I dropped my weight, corrected my form and went for higher reps that I really started seeing results. There is an argument to be made for heavy weight also but again that is another post. So back to the point of this post. We would recommend especially when doing squats that you bring a camera to the gym and record yourself doing them to check your form.

We try to use a camera at every workout during the more technical lifts.It was my kickboxing teacher that thought me to do this and now I use it during my gym workouts also. If you don’t have a camera or you can’t get the right angle for your phone then have a look online for a cheap action camera or you can even bring in your dash cam as some people have done in the past that they got at https://www.dashcameras.ie/ so there is always an option. Anyway that is our top tip for the today. Keep that pump going!