“Before going to NNSC, I found it really hard to motivate myself to get into the gym. Now I can actually say I enjoy it. My trainer keep the sessions fresh, challenging and focused on what I want to achieve.”

Sinéad M

“I already do spinning a few times a week but wanted that extra few sessions to help get me the results I’m after. Since starting, I’ve found my muscular endurance improve immensely. I really enjoy coming to this gym as it’s private and near to my home. My trainer is excellent and I look forward to carrying on with her into the future. I still have areas to work on, but with her help and encouragement, I’ll get there.”

Debi F

“The trainers at NNSC are highly professional and competent. My workouts were challenging and they evolved as my fitness levels increased. It was important for me that the workouts weren’t repetitive and I was always kept guessing! NNSC has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and high end facilities and equipment. I can’t but recommend NNSC Fitness.”

Owen F