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    Home Gym Equipment in Huge Demand Due To Corona Virus

    When countries around Europe were going into lock down there was panic buying for various sectors. One big one that kept getting headlines was toilet paper. No one could make sense of it and we still don’t know what that was about! There was plenty of stock and excessive number twos shall we say are not a symptom of the virus! Once lock down came in fully from our great leader Leo the race was on to move to the next stage of panic buying…home gym equipment!

    With all gyms closed until further notice many avid gym goers were panicking on what they are going to do to keep healthy, stay lean or if you are a gym bro how to not lose your gains. They say that summer body’s are built in winter and that may be the case but just as we were exiting winter the gyms close down. This means that all your hard work may have gone to waste.

    A GoodLife Fitness in Toronto temporarily shut down because of ...

    The options are now to either do home body workouts which can be tough for a while but they can get fairly boring and lets face it you are not going to build a killer body with just body weight exercises. The other option was to buy up as much home gym equipment as possible. Equipment like pull up bars and resistance bands have been out of stock for weeks on most websites. Others like gym equipment Ireland said they are getting stock in from China as they are actually over this whole lock down situation.

    At the very least people who want to stay active should get a pair of resistance bands and a pull up bar as they are not expensive. If you have the funds then maybe a set of dumbbells or else a kettle bell to add a bit more resistance to your training. If you are tight for cash then there are tonnes of home workout videos gone up on Youtube and Instagram over the last few days. So no excuses, just be creative and do your best until the gyms reopen!.