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    How to sit correctly at your desk – is an office chair or gaming chair the best solution?

    With people spending more time than ever seated at their desks it is now very important to show people the correct way to sit in order to avoid shoulder and neck pain. Whilst many office chairs are OK they are not necessarily the right chair for your body. A standard office chair should be able to be adjustable in height in order for you to sit at the correct height for your desk but that is about all a lot of the standard office chairs offer these days.

    It is for this reason that many office workers are now purchasing gaming chairs for their office or home office. Don’t let the name throw you off! Whilst they are very popular with gamers who also spend hours per day in front of a screen they became popular with office workers due to their extreme comfort and the support that they offer your neck and back.

    Most of these gaming chairs come with a pillow for your neck as well as being of ergonomic design, supporting the natural curvature of your spine. The Kirogi gaming chair from gamingchairsireland.ie is one of those gaming chairs that went viral for this reason. A gaming chair like this offers support for each body part as well as having all of the standard features you would expect from an office chair.

    Many injuries that have occurred in gyms can actually be traced back to long hours sitting in a chair at a desk. Hip flexors tighten up as well as traps getting tighter due to having your arms out at a keyboard all day. This is not a natural postion to be in for people and that is why it leads to tighter muscles which can then lead you to get injured when at the gym.

    Be sure to get up and walk around the office every 45 minutes. This will at least keep the blood flowing to your muscles. Some stretches for your neck and shoulders every hour will also help keep your muscles loose and active. See the video above for your tips on setting up your chair correctly.