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Should you be wearing work boots to the gym?

The gym is a mecca for many of us and it is a great outlet whether it be to burn off some stress, clear the head or just a nice way to feel good about yourself. The gym has become the forefront of peoples mental health and it is a proven way to improve your mental health without the need to go on any prescribed medication which can potentially be damaging in the long run.

That said however the gym can lead to injuries especially when attempting ambitious compound exercises like the deadlift, squat or bench press. Even more taxing are exercises like the snatch, clean and press. All of these require a lot of co-ordination but with one lapse of concentration you can pull a muscle or even worse, a disc in your back and be out of action for quite some time.

It is therefore recommened to not do high rep sets for such exercises to decrease the risk of pulling something serious and putting you out of action for some time. Generally we would recommend these exercises for power and strength so they would be quite heavy sets and under the 5 rep range. For the higher reps and sets we would usually recommend using a machine where the chance of injury is significantly reduced.

Another common injury in the gym is dropping weights on toes. I personally did this 2 years ago and thought I had broken my toe. A recommendation now for this is to wear safety toe trainers. You can now actually get gym runners with steel toes for this very reason and they seem to be like normal trainers. I have ordered a pair but they have yet to arrive. They were only €49 from the safety trainers store I found online.

Flat runners are recommended for leg exercises like squats as normal trainers have too much of an arch which puts pressure on your knees and outside leg muscles.