Hilarious Gym Prank With a Hoverboard & Bicep Workout

Ok so this is a bit more of a silly post this week after all it is halloween and we never want to be too serious here at NNSC Fitness. We are big fans of this crowd of Youtubers called the Dudesons who are a group of guys from Finland who do crazy stunts . In fact they are very similar to Jackass but different. They were even out before Jackass so they have been around a long time and members of Jackass claim that the Dudesons were the original and even inspired them.

The hoverboards or sometimes called smart hoverboards have been around a while now. They don’t actually hover so not sure where the name came from but they are great fun as you can see in this video! We are not sure how the gym let these guys in on a hoverboard as we would be terrified of a lawsuit. In fact we don’t know if we would let these guys in at all never mind the hoverboards. Our friends of the gym here actually own a business selling hoverboards so going to give them a shout out.

Thursday is national back & bicep day:

It is known world wide that Monday is Bench day but when is back and biceps day? Well we have designated Thursday as back and bicep day so here is a workout we have put together.

  1. Weighted Pull ups – 3 x 10
  2. Wide Grip Pull ups – 3 x 12
  3. Dumbell Rows – 5 x 10
  4. Bicep curls – 3 x 10
  5. Chin ups – 3 x 10

We want to keep a rest of just 45 seconds in between each set. This may not look too difficult but trust us you will be burning after the first two exercises. Go try this out and let us know how you get on in the comments below.