General Health

Get Great Teeth To Match Your Great Body

We talk to many clients who spend hours and hours on their body but funnily enough some of them, the guys especially barely even do their hair in the mornings! We always find this so ironic. The first thing people look at when they see you is your face yet they spend all the time on their body and don’t worry about up top. Now if people just aren’t that into their looks we completely get and respect that. It’s just why spend so much time on your body if you are not going to look after what people look at when they first meet you.

Spend more time up top:

As I write this I myself have noticed that I also do this. Not a great thing to admit but I sometimes forget to brush my teeth in the morning and as disgusting as that is I don’t do it on purpose but I must not be that conscious about it. After I became aware of this I now floss my teeth and have even ordered a teeth whitening kit from Glory Smile. My teeth are badly stained from coffee mostly and I too have asked myself why spend so much time on my legs for example and not even look after my teeth!

More Cardio:

I have also noticed that many clients, yes guys again are more interested in being huge than in being in great shape. For example they might be able to bench 300 pounds but they can’t run 3kms down the road. Here at NNSC we are trying to change this. We always think that a good physique is more important than just being huge. Start doing more cardio even if it means sacrificing a weights session once or twice a week. You will feel so much better and you will also be healthier. Trust me you will start getting more compliments as you will look trimmer but still big.

So that is our post for this week guys. Good hygiene up top with teeth whitening if you need it and more cardio to lose some of that bulk.