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Don’t think you’re fit enough to cycle? Get an electric bike conversion kit!

So we have clients of all ages and fitness levels here at the NNSC center. The bulk of our clients are in their late 20s and 30s but we do have an ever growing amount of older clients who are keen to keep fit and it is really great and something that we encourage. Of course all of our fitness plans are tailored towards the client and although many fitness centers say this many don’t actually do it.

Something we have come across a lot here are older ladies who are cycling on electric bikes. They do this because it takes the strain off of their legs as an electric bike has an on board motor that helps you accelerate the bike. This is great as it means you are still getting some fitness in whilst enjoying having a cycle at the pace that you are comfortable with. We think of it like using an exercise bike in the gym where you can choose how heavy or light you want the pedals to be. An electric bike is exactly the same.

electric bike conversion kit nnsc

If you do not want to buy a new electric bike you can get what is known as an electric bike conversion kit. This means that you can convert your existing bike into an electric bike and have all the benefits of an electric bike. We do not know a whole about this but you can read more from who appear to be experts in this area.

We really encourage this with our clients as it is a great way to exercise. Many of our older clients have given up cycling as they don’t feel that they are able for it so this is a way to get them out and about without them really struggling and thus losing enjoyment. Just another option we thought we should mention for anyone interested in giving it a go.