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    Home Gym Equipment in Huge Demand Due To Corona Virus

    When countries around Europe were going into lock down there was panic buying for various sectors. One big one that kept getting headlines was toilet paper. No one could make sense of it and we still don’t know what that was about! There was plenty of stock and excessive number twos shall we say are not a symptom of the virus! Once lock down came in fully from our great leader Leo the race was on to move to the next stage of panic buying…home gym equipment!

    With all gyms closed until further notice many avid gym goers were panicking on what they are going to do to keep healthy, stay lean or if you are a gym bro how to not lose your gains. They say that summer body’s are built in winter and that may be the case but just as we were exiting winter the gyms close down. This means that all your hard work may have gone to waste.

    A GoodLife Fitness in Toronto temporarily shut down because of ...

    The options are now to either do home body workouts which can be tough for a while but they can get fairly boring and lets face it you are not going to build a killer body with just body weight exercises. The other option was to buy up as much home gym equipment as possible. Equipment like pull up bars and resistance bands have been out of stock for weeks on most websites. Others like gym equipment Ireland said they are getting stock in from China as they are actually over this whole lock down situation.

    At the very least people who want to stay active should get a pair of resistance bands and a pull up bar as they are not expensive. If you have the funds then maybe a set of dumbbells or else a kettle bell to add a bit more resistance to your training. If you are tight for cash then there are tonnes of home workout videos gone up on Youtube and Instagram over the last few days. So no excuses, just be creative and do your best until the gyms reopen!.

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    Don’t think you’re fit enough to cycle? Get an electric bike conversion kit!

    So we have clients of all ages and fitness levels here at the NNSC center. The bulk of our clients are in their late 20s and 30s but we do have an ever growing amount of older clients who are keen to keep fit and it is really great and something that we encourage. Of course all of our fitness plans are tailored towards the client and although many fitness centers say this many don’t actually do it.

    Something we have come across a lot here are older ladies who are cycling on electric bikes. They do this because it takes the strain off of their legs as an electric bike has an on board motor that helps you accelerate the bike. This is great as it means you are still getting some fitness in whilst enjoying having a cycle at the pace that you are comfortable with. We think of it like using an exercise bike in the gym where you can choose how heavy or light you want the pedals to be. An electric bike is exactly the same.

    electric bike conversion kit nnsc

    If you do not want to buy a new electric bike you can get what is known as an electric bike conversion kit. This means that you can convert your existing bike into an electric bike and have all the benefits of an electric bike. We do not know a whole about this but you can read more from ebikeobsessed.co.uk who appear to be experts in this area.

    We really encourage this with our clients as it is a great way to exercise. Many of our older clients have given up cycling as they don’t feel that they are able for it so this is a way to get them out and about without them really struggling and thus losing enjoyment. Just another option we thought we should mention for anyone interested in giving it a go.

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    Should you ride an electric scooter?

    As well as being fitness freaks here at NNSC we are also pretty passionate about being Eco friendly and health in general. One of the things we have started noticing lately in Dublin is the huge amount of electric scooters on the road. For those of you who are not familiar as they are quite a new addition to today’s ever changing world an electric scooter is a 2 wheel device with a single board on which to stand on that is powered by an electric motor.

    Why are they so popular I hear you ask? Well they are a really cool well to travel around but other than that they will save you money on fuel and they are also a big help to the environment which is why we love them here at NNSC. If people started commuting to work or to us here in the gym :) instead of using their cars imagine how much they would cut down on their emissions.

    By using an electric scooter you will essentially have no emissions and you will save on your fuel costs. We even have people here at the gym who have started using these electric scooters for adults instead of their cars and only use their cars when really necessary. We think this is great here at the gym as a lot of people would rather cycle which is also great but by using an electric scooter you are not getting into work all sweaty and can just wear your normal clothes instead of dressing like Tour De France :P.

    Apparently you will be able to rent these electric scooters soon in Dublin so there will be no excuse to at least try them! One of the members here at NNSC owns the escooterstore.ie who are one of the first people to bring the electric scooter to Ireland so a big shout out to them!

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    Get Great Teeth To Match Your Great Body

    We talk to many clients who spend hours and hours on their body but funnily enough some of them, the guys especially barely even do their hair in the mornings! We always find this so ironic. The first thing people look at when they see you is your face yet they spend all the time on their body and don’t worry about up top. Now if people just aren’t that into their looks we completely get and respect that. It’s just why spend so much time on your body if you are not going to look after what people look at when they first meet you.

    Spend more time up top:

    As I write this I myself have noticed that I also do this. Not a great thing to admit but I sometimes forget to brush my teeth in the morning and as disgusting as that is I don’t do it on purpose but I must not be that conscious about it. After I became aware of this I now floss my teeth and have even ordered a teeth whitening kit from Glory Smile. My teeth are badly stained from coffee mostly and I too have asked myself why spend so much time on my legs for example and not even look after my teeth!

    More Cardio:

    I have also noticed that many clients, yes guys again are more interested in being huge than in being in great shape. For example they might be able to bench 300 pounds but they can’t run 3kms down the road. Here at NNSC we are trying to change this. We always think that a good physique is more important than just being huge. Start doing more cardio even if it means sacrificing a weights session once or twice a week. You will feel so much better and you will also be healthier. Trust me you will start getting more compliments as you will look trimmer but still big.

    So that is our post for this week guys. Good hygiene up top with teeth whitening if you need it and more cardio to lose some of that bulk.


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    Hilarious Gym Prank With a Hoverboard & Bicep Workout

    Ok so this is a bit more of a silly post this week after all it is halloween and we never want to be too serious here at NNSC Fitness. We are big fans of this crowd of Youtubers called the Dudesons who are a group of guys from Finland who do crazy stunts . In fact they are very similar to Jackass but different. They were even out before Jackass so they have been around a long time and members of Jackass claim that the Dudesons were the original and even inspired them.

    The hoverboards or sometimes called smart hoverboards have been around a while now. They don’t actually hover so not sure where the name came from but they are great fun as you can see in this video! We are not sure how the gym let these guys in on a hoverboard as we would be terrified of a lawsuit. In fact we don’t know if we would let these guys in at all never mind the hoverboards. Our friends of the gym here actually own a business selling hoverboards so going to give them a shout out.

    Thursday is national back & bicep day:

    It is known world wide that Monday is Bench day but when is back and biceps day? Well we have designated Thursday as back and bicep day so here is a workout we have put together.

    1. Weighted Pull ups – 3 x 10
    2. Wide Grip Pull ups – 3 x 12
    3. Dumbell Rows – 5 x 10
    4. Bicep curls – 3 x 10
    5. Chin ups – 3 x 10

    We want to keep a rest of just 45 seconds in between each set. This may not look too difficult but trust us you will be burning after the first two exercises. Go try this out and let us know how you get on in the comments below.