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    Should you be wearing work boots to the gym?

    The gym is a mecca for many of us and it is a great outlet whether it be to burn off some stress, clear the head or just a nice way to feel good about yourself. The gym has become the forefront of peoples mental health and it is a proven way to improve your mental health without the need to go on any prescribed medication which can potentially be damaging in the long run.

    That said however the gym can lead to injuries especially when attempting ambitious compound exercises like the deadlift, squat or bench press. Even more taxing are exercises like the snatch, clean and press. All of these require a lot of co-ordination but with one lapse of concentration you can pull a muscle or even worse, a disc in your back and be out of action for quite some time.

    It is therefore recommened to not do high rep sets for such exercises to decrease the risk of pulling something serious and putting you out of action for some time. Generally we would recommend these exercises for power and strength so they would be quite heavy sets and under the 5 rep range. For the higher reps and sets we would usually recommend using a machine where the chance of injury is significantly reduced.

    Another common injury in the gym is dropping weights on toes. I personally did this 2 years ago and thought I had broken my toe. A recommendation now for this is to wear safety toe trainers. You can now actually get gym runners with steel toes for this very reason and they seem to be like normal trainers. I have ordered a pair but they have yet to arrive. They were only €49 from the safety trainers store I found online.

    Flat runners are recommended for leg exercises like squats as normal trainers have too much of an arch which puts pressure on your knees and outside leg muscles.


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    How to sit correctly at your desk – is an office chair or gaming chair the best solution?

    With people spending more time than ever seated at their desks it is now very important to show people the correct way to sit in order to avoid shoulder and neck pain. Whilst many office chairs are OK they are not necessarily the right chair for your body. A standard office chair should be able to be adjustable in height in order for you to sit at the correct height for your desk but that is about all a lot of the standard office chairs offer these days.

    It is for this reason that many office workers are now purchasing gaming chairs for their office or home office. Don’t let the name throw you off! Whilst they are very popular with gamers who also spend hours per day in front of a screen they became popular with office workers due to their extreme comfort and the support that they offer your neck and back.

    Most of these gaming chairs come with a pillow for your neck as well as being of ergonomic design, supporting the natural curvature of your spine. The Kirogi gaming chair from gamingchairsireland.ie is one of those gaming chairs that went viral for this reason. A gaming chair like this offers support for each body part as well as having all of the standard features you would expect from an office chair.

    Many injuries that have occurred in gyms can actually be traced back to long hours sitting in a chair at a desk. Hip flexors tighten up as well as traps getting tighter due to having your arms out at a keyboard all day. This is not a natural postion to be in for people and that is why it leads to tighter muscles which can then lead you to get injured when at the gym.

    Be sure to get up and walk around the office every 45 minutes. This will at least keep the blood flowing to your muscles. Some stretches for your neck and shoulders every hour will also help keep your muscles loose and active. See the video above for your tips on setting up your chair correctly.




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    Should you ride an electric scooter?

    As well as being fitness freaks here at NNSC we are also pretty passionate about being Eco friendly and health in general. One of the things we have started noticing lately in Dublin is the huge amount of electric scooters on the road. For those of you who are not familiar as they are quite a new addition to today’s ever changing world an electric scooter is a 2 wheel device with a single board on which to stand on that is powered by an electric motor.

    Why are they so popular I hear you ask? Well they are a really cool well to travel around but other than that they will save you money on fuel and they are also a big help to the environment which is why we love them here at NNSC. If people started commuting to work or to us here in the gym :) instead of using their cars imagine how much they would cut down on their emissions.

    By using an electric scooter you will essentially have no emissions and you will save on your fuel costs. We even have people here at the gym who have started using these electric scooters for adults instead of their cars and only use their cars when really necessary. We think this is great here at the gym as a lot of people would rather cycle which is also great but by using an electric scooter you are not getting into work all sweaty and can just wear your normal clothes instead of dressing like Tour De France :P.

    Apparently you will be able to rent these electric scooters soon in Dublin so there will be no excuse to at least try them! One of the members here at NNSC owns the escooterstore.ie who are one of the first people to bring the electric scooter to Ireland so a big shout out to them!

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    Hilarious Gym Prank With a Hoverboard & Bicep Workout

    Ok so this is a bit more of a silly post this week after all it is halloween and we never want to be too serious here at NNSC Fitness. We are big fans of this crowd of Youtubers called the Dudesons who are a group of guys from Finland who do crazy stunts . In fact they are very similar to Jackass but different. They were even out before Jackass so they have been around a long time and members of Jackass claim that the Dudesons were the original and even inspired them.

    The hoverboards or sometimes called smart hoverboards have been around a while now. They don’t actually hover so not sure where the name came from but they are great fun as you can see in this video! We are not sure how the gym let these guys in on a hoverboard as we would be terrified of a lawsuit. In fact we don’t know if we would let these guys in at all never mind the hoverboards. Our friends of the gym here actually own a business selling hoverboards so going to give them a shout out.

    Thursday is national back & bicep day:

    It is known world wide that Monday is Bench day but when is back and biceps day? Well we have designated Thursday as back and bicep day so here is a workout we have put together.

    1. Weighted Pull ups – 3 x 10
    2. Wide Grip Pull ups – 3 x 12
    3. Dumbell Rows – 5 x 10
    4. Bicep curls – 3 x 10
    5. Chin ups – 3 x 10

    We want to keep a rest of just 45 seconds in between each set. This may not look too difficult but trust us you will be burning after the first two exercises. Go try this out and let us know how you get on in the comments below.