• 2018 Workouts

    Got a new Android Box for our studio

    We are still in the process of adding a few bits and pieces to our set up here at the NNSC studio. Unfortunately many gyms and fitness studios go out of business every year as it is admittedly a tough business that does mean however that there is plenty of second hand equipment available for a fraction of the price of buying everything new. So far we have got a second hand lat pull down machine, rowing machine, bench press and a full set of dumbbells off of adverts.ie. We have literally saved thousands of euro and this is important especially for a new start up like our selves.

    We are going for a modern look with our little studio and have some high tech gadget such as an IP camera that I can access from my iPhone from anywhere so I can keep an eye on what is going on and don’t have to always be there. We also got a new alarm system that is monitored 24 hours a day so that is another thing we don’t have to worry about. The next thing on our list is a automatic door system so people can scan in their cards to gain entry which will save us having to be there all the time. All these things cost money but they should help us in the long run.We have also got some mini projectors so we can project music videos and fitness demo videos up on the wall of the studio. To go with this we got a TV box from online.

    So things are really starting to take shape here. We also want to get our own app up and running so people can log their workouts and we can also provide fitness help through the app as well as controlling membership and other things like that.

  • Phones for sale

    Get our new app for iPhone IOS

    Apple iPhone X is the perfect smart phone and is well known for its stunning and crisp display, amazing performance, stylish looks and beyond imagination camera. Water proof and dust proof display, which unlocks on the Face ID is a perfect replacement of fingerprint scanner. You can go for this if you want the powerful and expensive iPhone.

    When was the Apple iPhone X launched?

    Apple launched its iPhone X on 3rd November worldwide and for the first time in India. Both Bollywood and Hollywood actors have totally gone gaga over the smartphone. Coming from the large handheld devices like Samsung Galaxy N8 and iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X it appeared a little small. But you will realize that this screen is much larger than iPhone 8 plus. iPhone X has got Super Retina OLED display measuring 5.8inches, but the overall size of this phone is much smaller as it is bezel-less. Thus, while it has a larger screen than brother, it’s good working, with only one hand. The contrast ratio of the mobile is around 1,000,000:1 and it supports the resolution of 2,436 x 1,125 pixels.

    Price of Apple iPhone X

    The Price of Apple iPhone X begins at INR 88,049. The low cost of the Apple iPhone X can be made easily available on the internet and you can also get a good discount on the total cost of the iPhone X. The phone is accessible in 64GB and 256GB of storage variants. However, you can get refurbished iPhones for sale at a much lower cost that are perfect and have had the necessary parts changed.

    iPhone X Design and Display

    We loved the iPhone X display, it makes everything appear vibrant. One can play plenty of games and see YouTube Videos on the phone. The phone fits very well in your hand and users may easily grip this thanks to its polished band running over the sides.

    Concluding lines

    We have said it before and will say it once again. Apple is aware of how to build the phone while it comes about space and age performance. To set up a process is usual as seen on iPhone 8; one added feature is Face ID.